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Episode 97 – Farewell with a Smile! Heading for New Days…

Episode Summary

After killing Cell, Gohan and the others return to Kami’s Lookout. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan boasts that he killed Cell, instead of Gohan. The public celebrates Mr. Satan’s victory. Meanwhile, Dende heals Gohan. Piccolo convinces Dende to summon Shenron. He uses the first wish to revive everyone killed in the Cell Games, including Trunks. Yamcha gives his second wish to revive Goku. However, Shenron reveals that Goku has been brought back to life once, therefore, that wish cannot be granted. The warriors suggest they bring Porunga from Namek, but Goku contacts the warriors from the Other World. Goku has decided to remain in the Other World. Krillin gives his second wish to remove the bombs from the Androids, and succeeds. Android #18 declines Krillin’s offer to join the team and leaves. The four Z Warriors leave Kami’s Lookout to celebrate Goku’s life. Chi-Chi grieves over Goku’s loss. Trunks bids farewell to everyone and departs for the future. Gohan smiles at Goku’s image in the sky.

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