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Episode 87 – Yamcha vs. Tien

Episode Summary

The excitement grows as everyone eggs on the Grand Finals. Goku remains calm while others are more nervous. Tien shows up and insults Yamcha as usual. Then, Chiaotzu comes along and Krillin gives him a piece of his mind. “Are you going to say something or what?”(Honestly, I understand. Chaiotzu never says a word!)”Baldy!” replies Chiaotzu. WHAAAAAAT?!, the insulted Krillin yells. “It’s not exactly like you have a lion’s maine under there, cueball!”(If anyone watched this ep. closely enough I may have words slighty off. So, if you can, send me the exact quotes in the viewer’s comments. thanks)Not exactly, says Chiaotzu. He removes his hat only to reveal…….there’s only ONE SQUIGGLY HAIR under there!!! Tien shelters Chiaotzu as if he were his older brother telling him to put his hat back on before he catches a cold. Like Tien actually has a sensitive side to him! Outside, Oolong and Puar go off in search of Master Roshi. Puar checks the crowd and Oolong checks all the bathrooms. Oolong opens one bathroom door too many and is slapped by a girl in the GIRL’S restroom! Oolong gives up and returns to Bulma Master Roshi’less. Master Shen offers a hand and says he’ll find him for them. Back stage, the announcer appears and the remaining 8 fighters draw numbers for placement in their matches. Tien continues talking to Chiaotzu, when Chiaotzu mysteriously points his finger and causes the numbers in the drawing box to spin around! They’re cheating! Placing Master Roshi with Man-Wolf, Tien with Yamcha, and after a brief mispronounciation, Chiaotzu cheats for himself and pits himself against Krillin. Automatically, Goku is placed against Pamput. What kind of power is this? Only time will tell. Say a prayer for Krillin, if that’s only a taste of one of the many tricks Chiaotzu has in store for him. Back outside, Master Shen asks an announcer to give an insulting page to find Master Roshi over the loudspeaker. The gang is disgusted but agree at the same time. Master Roshi is not one to be “clean” of all sins. First match! Yamacha vs. Tien! Yamcha, representing the Turtle Hermit house and Tien, representing the Crane Hermit house. Let the match begin! Over the wall, Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun and Chiaotzu look on with intensity. Goku has a brief flashback from the Inoshika episode, where Tien tried to kill him and left him for dead under a tree. But back to the match, Dear God!, these two are fighting with everything they’ve got! Wow! Flip, flip, punch! Block, block, counter! Kick, kick, jump! What’s going on! They are evenly matched! Neither can believe their skills. Yamcha decides to break out his new technique, Wolf-Fang Rolling Wind! Stay tuned for the next episode, where Yamcha may end this fight PERMANENTLY! On the next episode of…….Dragon Ball!

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