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Episode 71 – Deadly Battle

Episode Summary

Yamcha really said a mouthful when he said this would be easy. As he faces off with someone he can’t even see! This battle turns for the worse and all bets are on Baba’s team. But when all else fails Yamcha relies on his other sense: Hearing. It seems the tables have turned as Yamcha launches an all out assault on anything that moves. See-Through (The Invisible man) has lost his element of surprise. But just as the odds start to favor Yamcha, Baba starts to sing a annoying song made even worse by her hideous voice. See-Through doesn’t waste any time and continuously pummels Yamcha while he’s still caught off-guard. Krillin knows Yamcha can’t take much more of this punishment and sends Goku to retrieve Master Roshi and a can of tomato soup? Krillin instructs Master Roshi to throw the tomato soup at Yamcha but instead drenches See-Through in it. Yamcha quickly makes mince meat of his opponent and claims the victory. With three fighters to go, the gang eagerly awaits their next match in…. The Devil’s Caldron!

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