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Episode 52 – The Pirate Treasure

Episode Summary

Goku reaches a dead end, when he falls through a hole in the floor, into an octopus’s room, who’s bent on having HIM for dinner. Meanwhile, Bulma and Krillin resurface at a bank in a cave, and find three treasure chests and a large statue with 10 arms, each holding a sword. It begins to attack them, and Krillin heroicly guards Bulma. After the statue finishes its onslaught, Krillin opens the middle chest first, revealing a trap. He dodges the machine gun fire (because of his lack of height) and opens the left chest next, for a key. They start to use it on the statue to open the next room, when General Blue jumps out of the water. He demands that they give him the key, and he proceeds to beat up Krillin. When he plans to finish Krillin off by dropping a large rock on his head, Goku jumps out of the water and saves Krillin. General Blue prepares to fight.

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