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Episode 51 – Beware of Robot

Episode Summary

Goku, Bulma, and Krillin continue to struggle against the Pirate’s Robot, not doing very well. Eventually, Bulma runs an explosive truck into it. She jumps out at the last second, and it knocks the robot into the water and explodes. Thinking it’s dead, Bulma takes out her Dragon Radar, but the robot’s tail creeps out of the water and grabs Goku and pulls him in. Goku gets out, but a wall crumbles on top of him and knocks him out. Bulma and Krillin are chased into a nearby structure, where they find the pirate’s control center, and the dead captain. Bulma tries to figure out how the ancient computers work, but it’s no use. While General Blue goes over to inspect the KO’ed Goku, he wakes up, and uses his PowerPole to raise himself to the top floor of the structure. The robot has Bulma and Krillin cornered, and sets the structure on fire. Goku saves them and they slide down the PowerPole, while Goku climbs to the top. The robot jumps out after them, but Bulma and Krillin are already running down the next hall, out of the main room. Goku dives onto the robot from the top of the building, crushing it’s head and destroying it. Meanwhile, General Blue follows Bulma and Krillin down the winding hallway. At turns, Krillin marks the ground to show Goku the way when he catches up with them, but Blue changes them to go the opposite direction. The structure explodes, and Goku runs down the hallway, going the wrong way. Krillin and Bulma reach the end of the hallway, and, checking the radar, Bulma finds that the Dragonball is below them, in a well filled with water. She and Krillin jump in, General Blue close behind them.

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