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Episode 49 – Roshi’s Surprise

Episode Summary

Roshi is still trying to lure Launch into the bathroom. He accidentally causes her to sneeze, turning her into the sadistic Launch. After some arguments, he is forced to give her a massage and make dinner for her. Eventually, Tortoise uses a palm tree to make her sneeze again, and revert. Soon, the RR Air Force arrives at the Kame House, and demands that Roshi hands over the Dragonballs and the device. Roshi is suprised, because he didn’t know that Bulma had left her Dragonballs here. After making a fool of the fat general, he uses some Kame technique to dispose of the army. He is almost through, when the last man grabs Lunch as a hostage. Roshi backs up, and there seems to be no alternatives. Suddenly, Tortoise uses the palm again, causing Lunch to transform into Launch, now more pissed off than ever. Word gets back to the RR Headquarters that the whole 2nd Blue Team was disposed of by a kid, infuriating General Red. General Blue, however, is busy chasing Goku and the gang through the cave. Goku finds a skull on the pathway, scaring Bulma and Krillin. They ask Goku where he found it, and he points over to a skeleton clad in pirate attire. This is when Bulma and Krillin realize they came into the pirate cave that Roshi had been rambling on about earlier. They jump for joy (Bulma, once again, only thinking for herself) and continue into the cave, General Blue close behind them.

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