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Episode 47 – Kame House – Found!

Episode Summary

Goku and Bulma manage to track down Kame Island, and head down for a visit. To their dismay, Master Roshi tells them that Krillin and Launch took the sub out to buy groceries. He tells them he’ll let them have it, in return for Bulma’s Micro Band. She happily hands it over, thankful he didn’t ask for anything more ‘risque’. While Goku is waiting for Krillin and Launch to return, Bulma goes into the bathroom to ‘wash up’. Master Roshi tries to sneak a peak with the help of the Micro Band, but ends up getting flushed down the toilet. Eventually, after a scuffle at the marketplace in which Launch sneezed and transformed, Krillin and Launch return. After dinner, Krillin decides to accompany Goku and Bulma on their journey, and they set off into the sea.

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