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Episode 46 – Bulma’s Bad Day

Episode Summary

Goku and Bulma finally set off on their quest for the Dragonballs. Following the dragon radar, they realize the 4-star ball is at the bottom of the ocean. They stop at a nearby island to use as their HQ, which, incidentally, is the same island that General Blue is using for his headquarters. As Goku tries to dive down to the bottom of the sea, Bulma is attacked by two of Blue’s men. She manages to thwart them, and Goku quickly comes to her rescue (after realizing that the sea is too deep to swim down). They decide that they need to find a submarine to reach the Dragonball in the ocean, and Goku suggests heading to Master Roshi’s to borrow his. Bulma is strongly against the idea, but goes along anyway for the sake of the Dragonballs.

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