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Episode 45 – Danger in the Air

Episode Summary

Goku and the gang reach the “Dream Land” amusement park. Haski, however, has followed them there. While Goku pesters the clerk about what a ticket is, Haski demonstrates her theiving abilities by stealing three tickets from bystanders. Inside the park, Bulma refuses to go anywhere with Yamucha. They eventually come to a fortune teller, which is Haski in disguise, who insists on reading Goku’s fortune. Since Yamucha is so weak around women, it’s easy for her to trick Goku into handing over the Dragonballs. After some chaos inside the tent, Bulma arrives, to see Yamucha’s arms around Haski (when his real intent was to take back the Dragonballs). Extremely pissed, Bulma hits both Yamucha AND Haski. Haski doesn’t give up, threatening to blow up Dream Land with a bomb she hid somewhere in the park. She escapes, and a high-speed sky chase occurs between her jet pack and Goku’s Flying Nimbus. She’s eventually cornered and smashed into a wall. Goku recovers the Dragonballs, and decides to eat the detonator to disable it. After peace is restored to Dream Land, Goku and Bulma finally begin their journey for the rest of the Dragonballs.

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