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Episode 44 – Master Thief, Hasky

Episode Summary

Goku enters Bulma’s house, finally meeting her dad, the creator of the Capsule Corp., and her ditzy mother. Bulma introduces her latest invention, the Micro Band, which allows her to shrink to a tiny size. She quickly fixes the Dragon Radar for Goku, and asks if he wants to go to the amusement park with her. Goku doesn’t really know what it is, so she just drags him along.
Meanwhile, the Red Ribbon Army sends out Hasky, one of their underlings, to track down Goku. She partners up with the thugs he beat up on his way to Bulma’s house, and they begin to follow Bulma and Goku, who are headed to Yamcha’s house.
Once there, Bulma argues with Yamcha a bit over his frequenting with many women. Goku decides to invite him, as well as Oolong and Puar, to the amusement park with them, despite Bulma’s whining

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