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Episode 41 – The Fall of Muscle Tower

Episode Summary

Goku easily beats up General White, and demands that he frees the village chief. White says he will, but secretly slips a pistol into his pocket. He opens the door to the village chief, and then holds a gun to his head. Goku and Eighter are stuck about what to do, and White tells Eighter that he’ll spare him if he proves his loyalty by killing Goku. Eighter’s hatred of violence keeps him from doing anything at all, and Goku jumps out to save the chief. White shoots him in the chest, knocking him back. He seems dead, so, in rage, Eighter lashes out and slams White. The chief runs, and Eighter picks up Goku and escapes from the tower. Outside, Goku seems to still be barely conscious, and Eighter rips the bricks out of the bottom of the tower, causing it to collapse. He and the Chief race back to the village to administer some medication to Goku.

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