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Episode 195 – Warriors of the Dead

Episode Summary

Goku and King Kai fly to the Grand Kai’s palace. Goku is impressed and can’t wait to meet him, but King Kai says that it is an absurd idea. Later trouble brews in Hell and Goku takes it upon himself to quiet to rebellion. But upon a newly acquired friend’s insistence, Goku is forced to take Pikkon along. But, well warning him of he’s getting himself into. After all, Goku should know firsthand! He’s fought them all to near brink of death [with the exclusion of Frieza's second return] and back [and sometimes dying]. Though, nevertheless, the strong fighter, Pikkon, accompanied by Goku, goes and beats up the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Cell in HFIL with almost very little ease! Goku is amazed.

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