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Episode 192 – Goku’s Decision

Episode Summary

Gohan has just defeated Cell, and he, Yamcha, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 18, Trunks, and Tien return to Kame’s Tower. Dende is there with all of the dragon balls, and the group is ready to make their wishes (because Dende recreated the Dragon balls and the Eternal dragon, it could now grant two wishes instead of one). They first wish for all of Cell’s victims to be revived. But, Goku did not come back. It would take a whole wish to revive him. But, they heard him from snake way. He said he wanted to stay at snake way. He told every one that every time they were fighting somebody, like Cell or Frieza, they were always after Goku. He knew that the earth was much safer without him there, and that they could handle anything because of Gohan’s new strength. They said goodbye to Goku, and remembered what they like the most about him, and then tried to decide what to do with their last wish.

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