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Episode 188 – A Hero’s Farewell

Episode Summary

After losing Android 18, Cell’s body violently changes, into his previous, and less powerful form. Enraged at Gohan, Cell attacks him with all his might, but to his dismay, he can’t land a finger on him. Gohan becomes incredibly overconfident, thinking there is no way the weakened tyrant can win, but, to Gohan’s surprise Cell uses his last resort, self destruction. It seems there is no way out for the Z-fighters, but at the last moment Goku nobly sacrifices himself to save his friends, and the Earth, from certain destruction. Transporting himself and Cell to King Kai’s planet using his instant transmission technique, Goku foils Cells plan to blow up the Earth. It appears that once again the universe is safe, but no, Cell has survived, and the first man on his hit list, Trunks.

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