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Episode 185 – Awakening

Episode Summary

Just after Android 16 tells him to follow his instincts and not to suppress his feelings anymore Cell crushes the Android. This is the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. This pushes Gohan to the limit and finally Gohan shows his true self….. And with it the unleashing begins! This is where you really find out why Goku in previous episodes acted so calm because he was the only person to know the true ability of his son. Cell tells him to let go so he can see Gohan’s true power and in the process underestimating how powerful he can become! Cell is holding a bag of senzu beans which Gohan snatches in the blink of an eye which leaves Cell guessing on how he did it. Gohan then goes on to defeat all of the Cell Juniors single handedly!

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