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Episode 184 – Cell Juniors Attack!

Episode Summary

The Cell Jr’s ferociously attack the Z-fighters, while Gohan looks on helplessly as his friends and family are beaten and battered. Gohan is too afraid to handle Cell on his own, and won’t let his anger control him. Cell orders his miniature blue warriors to kill Gohan’s friends, which just sends Gohan’s power spiraling upwards, but it’s still not enough. Meanwhile, Android 16 seeks the help of Hercule so that he can have one final word with Gohan. Hercule grants his wish and throws android 16’s head towards Gohan. Gohan, stunned that he is still alive, listens to his final words, “Drop your restraints, protect the life I loved.” Afterwards, Cell crushes Android 16’s head and it’s too much for the young super Saiyan to bare, Gohan begins to power up, and even Cell looks worried.

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