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Episode 183 – Android Explosion

Episode Summary

Android 16 watched as Gohan was slowly being defeated. Cell suddenly put the “squeeze” on Gohan. Gohan struggled but could not get out. He was going to be destroyed. He didn’t want to kill anyone, even Cell, so he wouldn’t power up. Cell let go of Gohan. At that moment, Android 16 came up behind Cell and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Now it was Cell that was being squeezed. Android 16 said he was going to detonate the explosive that was inside him. It was strong enough to destroy Cell, and everything around him. He tried to detonate the bomb, but nothing happened. Krillin said that Bulma and Dr. Briefs had taken it out, and told the story of it. When he was done, Cell destroyed 16. Gohan was angry, but his power was still not showing itself. Then, before he began to fight, Cell counted the Z Warriors and made that many mini duplicates of himself, that were just as strong. Gohan and Cell began to fight.

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