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Episode 143 – His Name is Cell

Episode Summary

A fleet of tanks roll into Ginger town to destroy the new threat, but Cell quiets the army’s attempt with one swift blow. Now it’s up to Piccolo to stop the monster, and his chances look slim. As the Namek struggles to survive, Cell takes the opportunity to introduce himself! He’s actually an android, infused with the cells of the greatest fighters on Earth, the ultimate achievement of Dr.Gero! He also explains how the samples were gathered, through use of a inconspicuous robotic fly which followed Goku throughout his lifetime dating back from Dragon Ball! Ever since the first Martial Arts Tournament, where Goku and Piccolo met for the first time, Dr.Gero had been gathering specimens for his perfect creation! Cell is a living copy of the Z fighters attacks and abilities. How can Piccolo have any hope of defeating him?

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