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Episode 106 – Namek’s Explosion….Goku’s End?

Episode Summary

Goku races towards Frieza’s spaceship to escape the exploding Namek, while King Kai explains to the others that though Goku had defeated Frieza, he hadn’t won the battle, he needed to escape the fiery Namek in one piece. Goku’s last hope vanishes as Frieza’s ship fails to operate, and sinks below into a pool of lava. Goku begins to contemplate his fate, and the planet Namek’s time finally expires, it explodes. King Kai is left with the task of informing Goku’s family and friends of his tragic death, but they don’t seem worried, because the powers of the Namekian Dragonballs allowed a person to be revived several times. But King Kai knew the dreadful truth that couldn’t allow Goku and Krillin to return to life. He told Bulma that when the dragon restores someone’s life he brings them back to the place where they died, and unfortunately, Goku and Krillin died on a planet which no longer exists. Vegeta is pleased at the news, but Gohan defends his father’s honor by challenging him, before being knocked senseless and rescued by Piccolo. It seems that the pure hearted Saiyan is just a memory now.

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