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Dragonball Remastered Movie 2 – Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle

Movie Summary

Goku and Krilin travel to Master Roshi’s island, hoping to train from the renowned martial arts master. Before he will train either, they must prove they’re worthy. As a test, Master Roshi sends them to Devil’s Hand, where legend has it that there is a sleeping princess. The one who can bring this legendary lady to Master Roshi will be worthy of training. But others have their eye on the “Sleeping Princess”. A determined Launch has set out to bring back the royal gem for her own monetary reasons. Also, Bulma, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong join in the adventure wen they try to find Goku. Surprises are in store for everyone as the Devil’s Hand is home for the sinister Lucifer, a vampire with diabolical plans to destroy the Earth! And to make matters worse, he’s backed by a league of ferocious ogers! Can Goku and the gang survive Devil’s Hand? Or is the Earth doomed…

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